Amy Perrin Ross

National Development Services Manager Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, Western Region

Aidan Larkin has worked with MS Ireland for the past 24 years working in various capacities. He has a BA in Sociology Politics and Philosophy, a HDip in Community Work, a Law Degree (LLB) and a Masters in Health Promotion.

Aidan started off working in MS Ireland as a case worker working with people with MS and their family members along their MS journey. He currently works in the area of services development and case work and is a member of the senior management team of MS Ireland. In 2006 Aidan was appointed national coordinator of a project called Getting the Balance Right which was a national physiotherapy/exercise project with a research arm. This exciting project has had an enormous impact on the delivery of physiotherapy, fitness instructor led exercise programmes and yoga programmes for people with MS ensuring that programmes are targeted and based on the current evidence and best practice.

Since then Aidan has had a close relationship with the University of Limerick, and other academic institutions where he has been co-author and collaborator on many papers and research projects exploring exercise related activity and mindfulness. Aidan also has a keen interest in Allied Health Care Professional (AHP) MS education and organises annual continuing Professional Development (CPD) education days for AHPs. The focus of these CPD training days has had a broad rehabilitative focus while at the same time updating AHPs on current treatments and management mechanisms of MS and promoting on line learning opportunities in the area of MS. Underpinning these education days is also an emphasis on the psychosocial impact of MS on family systems and the importance of quality of life, especially the self-perceived quality of life, of people with MS and family members.

Aidan’s current interests include the area of Palliation and its importance across the journey of MS from diagnosis to end of life, and promoting shared decision making where people with MS and family members are true participants in the decision making process that affect their lives.