The role of the MS Nurse

The role of the MS Nurse

Aiming to highlight the growing need for MS specialised nurses in the current landscape of MS care, Colleen Harris, Shantha George, Chantal Kahovec, Margaret Prociuk and Alexandra Roll and Lynn McEwan come together in writing an article on the topic from the Canadian public health perspective.

The authors have found that MS patients are facing greater challenges in accessing specialised care due to the fact that there are fewer MS neurologists as well as longer waiting periods between consultations and follow-ups. Hence, MS nurses play a vital role in MS care, as they complement the care of the neurologist by managing neurological symptoms, monitoring ongoing blood work and liaising with other specialties and agencies when patients require additional assistance. MS nurses are the bridge between neurologists and patients, ensuring that patients receive adequate care in a timely and suitable manner.

The extensive article covers sub-topics such as:

  • The role of the MS NP
  • Maximizing the value of NPs in an MS practice
  • Role of the NPs in improving health outcomes
  • Future directions


The full article can be found here for free (5 minute read).