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Educational Grants

Join us for a fantastic opportunity to enhance your learning and practice with MS NursePRO and Birmingham City University

For the second year running, MS Nurse PRO are working in partnership with Birmingham City University (based in the UK) to offer a virtual Flexible Work-based Learning Module to health professionals with an interest in MS.

The course requires you to complete and pass Modules 1-5 of online learning platform MS NursePRO and to then complete a written assignment which will be submitted to the University. On successful completion of the assignment, you will be awarded 20 UK university credits (equivalent to 6-8 ECTs).

You can opt to take the module at either Bachelor's degree level (Level 6) or Masters's degree level (Level 7), each requires students to submit a piece of work reflecting how you will embed some aspect of your learning from MS Nurse PRO into your practice to improve the care you and your service are able to deliver to people living with MS.

The Flexible Work-based Learning Module 

Next to the content provided by MS Nurse PRO, there will be a one-half day of online teaching as a group at the beginning of the course. You will then be offered regular 1:1 virtual meetings/tutorials as well as ongoing email support throughout the duration of the module. This module is an opportunity for you to scope out your ideas for how you can improve care for people with MS on your caseload based on your learnings from Modules 1-5 of MS Nurse PRO, the only direct teaching on the course is based around the academic skills you will need to complete the assignment and gain the University credits.

20 credits at Bachelors degree level: Theory into practice in MS Care

Learning Outcomes

At Bachelors degree level (worth 20 credits*): Theory into practice in MS Care

Masters degree level (worth 20 credits*): Enhancing theory into practice in MS Care

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Critically analyse the assessment of symptoms and impact on people living with MS
  • Critically appraise the current evidence-base surrounding symptom management relating to the needs of people with MS
  • Formulate arguments to demonstrate in-depth knowledge relating to a service improvement in MS care

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Critically appraise the assessment of symptoms and impact on people living with MS
  • Critique the contemporary evidence-base surrounding specific aspects of MS care relating to the needs of people with MS
  • Formulate arguments to demonstrate synthesis and application of in-depth knowledge relating to service improvement within MS care

*These credits can be used in conjunction with credits gained from other modules to enable students to work towards a programme qualification at the BCU.

The educational grant

MS Nurse PRO is offering up to 10 grants to cover all the enrolment costs, virtual group and 1:1 support throughout the course and a certificate of completion. Moreover, students will have access to BCU resources/library.


  • Applicants must be officially registered as a nurse or therapist
  • Minimum of 2 years post-registration experience

If you need any further information, please contact our colleague Megan via email. 

Hear it from PREVIOUS students

We have some great examples of service improvement work already carried out by previous students!


"The education provided through the project enables nurses to increase and expand their knowledge about MS and the care of the MS patient. The programme is a bridge that connects academic knowledge with clinical practice by answering questions that nurses face in daily practice. At the same time nurses through the assignment they write attempt, with the help of highly experienced in clinical practice supervisors, to apply the knowledge they have gained in practice and help the services they work in to provide real solutions to the problems they face thus increasing the quality of care for the MS patient".

Eirini Samdanidou, 2022 Cohort


‘‘This course gave me an opportunity to have more in-depth exploration of how we can put into practice the theory we have learned. I had the great opportunity from this module, to translate my experience into academic scripts or so to say in written words that a tiny but innovative approach to address the needs of MS patients could be helpful for their MS management and reduce the caseload of the MS nurses. Overall, my experience is highly positive, the module is relevant to MS-related professionals, tutors are extremely supportive and the access to the learning materials is brilliant in the BCU.”

Bhawani Mainali, 2022 Cohort

How to apply?

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain credits towards a higher-level qualification whilst extending your knowledge of MS and improving the care you are able to deliver to people living with MS through self-directed learning (and a little help from the Module leaders!)

Applications are now closed.

Not entitled to an educational grant? 
You can still enroll and pay a fee of 600 euros.

After The application

Following the 6th of January 2023, the Educational Grant team will be reviewing all applications received.

All applicants  will be invited to attend an informal chat via MS Teams/Zoom as part of the selection process between 13.00-  15.00pm (GMT) Thursday 16th of January. This is a mandatory part of the selection process. Hence,  do let the team know if you cannot be available on that date and we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements with you (see below).

The online meeting will only last about 30 minutes and is just an opportunity for your course tutors to introduce ourselves and find out a little more about what has motivated you to apply for a place on the module. We will organise the meetings so that we can meet with 3-4 of appplicants during each session. This way, you will also get a chance to meet some of the other potential students who will be on the course. follwing this short chat, Megan Roberts and the rest of the team will review your applications and let each applicant know whether or not they have been successful in gaining a place on the module. This will be as soon as possible after 16th of January 2023. 

Each successful applicant will receive an email  with details about how to enroll with the Birmingham City University, how to register with MS Nurse PRO as well as your next steps. 

The module itself will start on Monday 20th February 2023 - there will be a half day, virtual teaching session held in the afternoon (GMT) of that day. Please keep that date and time free. 

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