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The successes of Flexible Work-based Learning

The successes of Flexible Work-based Learning


The successes of Flexible Work-based Learning

Learning does not stop after graduation, especially when it comes to the nursing community which has to continuously be aware of new improvements, innovations, and treatments in MS Care. Work-based learning is one of the numerous flexible learning pathways which allows students to work and study at the same time. Work-based learning experiences involve student interactions with academics and community professionals in real or virtual spheres, allowing them to reinforce and deepen their learning as well as practice. Simply put, work-based learning for nurses allows them to put theory into practice with real-life work experiences.

MS Nurse PRO has recognised that work-based learning, in association with an accredited university, is becoming an increasingly popular way for practitioners to gain credit for their development within the workplace. Moreover, this also provides students with the opportunity to earn credits at work that count towards a university qualification, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

For that matter, MS Nurse PRO has partnered up with  Birmingham City University to offer a virtual Flexible Work-based Learning Module to health professionals with an interest in MS for the second year running. The course requires students to complete the MS Nurse PRO Foundation Programme and to complete a written assignment focused on applying the knowledge gained into nursing practice. Upon the successful completion of the assignment, students were awarded 20 UK university credits, equivalent to 6-8 ECTs, counting towards their further education.

The initiative was a great success, leading to a second launch this year. Among the many successes of the students, here are a few:

  • One of the students was accepted into a full Masters’s degree as a direct result of successfully completing the MS Nurse PRO Flexible Work-based Learning Module at Level 7. With the module’s certificate of completion, our student was offered a place within an MSc course even if she did not strictly have the qualifications needed for automatic qualification for that particular course. Hence, this opportunity is a great introduction to higher-level learning and a great step towards higher-level qualification!
  • Another great initiative was the launch of a peer-support group allowing the nursing community to further their knowledge and raise issues of concern together. More specifically a student initiated ‘coffee mornings’ providing education and peer support was implemented to address a need voiced by people with MS on the MSSNs caseload. This initiative highlights the possibility of taking the virtual learning aspect of the module and applying it to the real world.
  • There was a great variety of topics explored within the course, allowing the students to individualize their learning within their own practice. Some students focused on how exercise impacts MS and how to encourage their patients to undertake more exercise, while others focused as MS treatments, MS and Pregnancy or why it is important to undertake early assessment of cognition for people living with MS.

Flexible Work-based Learning does not only allow students to further their professional development through accredited credits, but it also allows students to apply their academic learning to their nursing practice. As one of our 2022 students,  Eirini Samdanidou, put it: ‘The course is a bridge that connects academic knowledge with clinical practice by answering questions that nurses face in daily practice.

If you are interested in learning more about the MS Nurse PRO and Birmingham City University Flexible Work-based Learning Module, please visit this page.

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