Sign the Petition for Quality Access to Care

Sign the Petition for Quality Access to Care


Use Your Signature to address the UNMET NEEDS of over 1.2 million people with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Europe

We invite you to support the One Million Minds campaign of the European MS Platform(EMSP)and to sign the Petition “Quality Access to Care for People with Multiple Sclerosis and Neurological Conditions”.  


What is this petition about?

Call the EU and the Members States to 

◽Enhance access to MS therapies and programs globally.

◽Address healthcare inequalities by promoting specialized training and courses for healthcare professionals.

◽Improve social, economic, and employment opportunities for individuals with MS.

◽Expand support for education and employment programs for young people with disabilities.

◽Enact employment legislation to safeguard individuals with MS and their carers from discrimination.

◽Standardize MS data collection practices to ensure transparency and reliability across countries.

Call all national decision-makers to 

▪️Implement holistic MS care models in national policies with dedicated funding.

▪️Streamline licensing and reimbursement processes for MS treatments.

▪️Enhance specialist training opportunities for healthcare professionals.

▪️Integrate rehabilitation therapists and other specialists into MS multidisciplinary teams.

▪️Ensure long-term funding for social care services and workforce expansion.

▪️Promote distance learning and flexible work options for individuals with MS and their carers.

▪️Expand MS disease registries and mandate comprehensive data collection.

Why is this petition important?

According to 2020 MS Barometer:

🥀 43% of people with MS in Europe do not receive diseases-modifying drugs.

🥀 52% of people with MS in Europe do not have access to physical rehabilitation services.

🥀 only 16 countries in Europe provide social support specific to carers of children and adolescents with MS.

🥀 only 48% of people with MS in Europe are in employment.

🥀 65% of people with MS in Europe are not recorded on the national MS diseases registries.

As part of the MS community, we have a lot to do and there is a lot that we can do.

Let’s show our power and make sure that the people in power listen to us and act!


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