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This cookie declaration is an integral part of the MS Nurse PRO privacy policy (article 9).

9 - Cookies

9.1. What are cookies? 

A “cookie” is a small file sent by the server of EMSP and placed on the hard disk of your computer / smart phone. The information registered on these cookies can only be read by us and only during the duration of the visit to the MS Nurse PRO Platform. 

9.2. Why do we use cookies? 

Our MS Nurse PRO Platform uses cookies and similar technologies to differentiate your user’s preferences from those of other users of the MS Nurse PRO Platform. This helps us to offer a better user’s experience when you use the MS Nurse PRO Platform and allows us to optimize our MS Nurse PRO Platform. 

As a consequence of recent law amendments, all MS Nurse PRO Platforms oriented towards certain parts of the European Union, are obliged to ask consent for the use or storage of cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. This Cookie Policy gives you clear and complete information about the cookies we use, and their purpose. 

9.3. The MS Nurse PRO Platform only uses the following cookies: 

Select the cookies you accept.

For cookies placed by third parties (e.g. Google Analytics) we wish to refer to the declarations of these parties on their respective websites. Please note: we do not have any influence on the contents of these declarations, neither on the contents of the cookies of these third parties: such as Google Analytics cookies

9.4. Your consent:

You can refuse cookies or block them by changing configuration parameters of your navigation system. The elimination of cookies can mean that you cannot make use of some functionalities of the Website or the MS Nurse PRO Platform. 

If you have further questions or remarks in relation with the processing of your personal data or the use of cookies on the Website or the MS Nurse PRO Platform, do not hesitate to contact us, either via the following contact sheet or by post to:

European Multiple Sclerosis Platform aisbl

Rue Auguste Lambiotte 144

1030 Brussels


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