Working closely with MS organisations across Europe

MS Nurse PRO is pleased to announce endorsement from the following  MS associations and organisations. 


The International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses (IOMSN) is the first and only international organization focusing solely on the needs and goals of professional nurses, anywhere in the world, who care for people with multiple sclerosis. Mentoring, educating, networking, sharing - the IOMSN supports nurses in their continuing effort to offer hope.

For more information visit IOMSN


RIMS is an international association of comprehensive MS research and treatment centres, MS Clinics and corporations with a special interest in MS from across Europe. It aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge about the clinical, scientific, social, economical and educational matters relating to MS.

Within the RIMS network a number of special interest groups have been created to promote research and improve the management of people with MS and their caregivers.

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The European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) is an independent representative European-wide organisation devoted to MS, and has served as Europe's and the world's largest professional organisation dedicated to the understanding and treatment of MS.

The mission of ECTRIMS is to facilitate communication, create synergies, and promote and enhance research and learning among professionals for the ultimate benefit of people affected by MS.

ECTRIMS works with researchers and clinicians of its member countries and with other organisations that share similar missions and objectives on a worldwide scale, creating networking and collaboration opportunities. The ultimate goal of ECTRIMS is to improve basic and clinical research and clinical outcomes in MS.

For more information visit ECTRIMS


The European Association of Neuroscience Nurses (EANN) is an organisation that aims to promote high standards of neuroscience patient care and continuing professional neuroscience education through supporting the exchange of information between neuroscience nurses across Europe.

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Neuro-Compass is a free educational website for European MS nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with MS. It is an extensive, independent resource including expert practical insight on Hot Topics, symptom assessment and management, and summaries of key regulatory guidance on the use of all DMTs including digital tools for use in daily clinical practice. All content is regularly updated based on new scientific literature and revisions to European prescribing information.

For more information visit Neuro-Compass


Excellence in Medical Education is a non-profit global organisation dedicated to improving the patient's life through high-impact continuing medical education to scientists, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. EXCEMED has offered world-class CME to thousands of healthcare professionals over the past four decades, organising over 2,000 international scientific congresses with more than 500 proceedings appearing in leading international publications.

For more information visit Excemed

MS Nurses Australasia (Australasia)

MS Nurses Australasia (MSNA Inc) is the peak body for MS Nurses in the Southern Hemisphere, providing education and support for MS nurses and other health care professionals in Australia and New Zealand. MSNA Inc, as the peak body for multiple sclerosis nursing in Australasia, endeavours to support the advancement of the specialty of MS Nursing. MSNA Inc strives to provide professional development opportunities for nurses with continuing education opportunities, support of nurse led research and peer networking.

For more information visit MS Nurses Australasia

OMSG (Austria)

The Austrian MS Society is an umbrella organization of the MS national societies. Members of the ÖMSG are therefore the individual national companies, which are themselves independent associations. The national companies, in turn, are doctors / patient organizations. The members are usually people with MS who live in the respective federal state, as well as MS specialists (neurologists) from hospitals in these federal states. The national companies are responsible for patient advice and care.

One of the main tasks of the ÖMSG is nationwide information and education about MS, which is carried out by means of the information magazine “Neue Horizonte”, PR campaigns in the media and various events.

For more information visit ÖMSG

BVNV (Belgium)

The Belgian Association for Neurology Nurses (BVNV) focuses on nurses, paramedics and physicians working in the acute and chronic, outpatient and hospitalised neurological care of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes as well as in home care.

The BVNV supports the professionalisation of neurology nurses. In addition, the association wants to contribute to the development of the neuro-nurse's job profile. The core activities of the BVNV include organising congresses and study days, publishing a quarterly professional magazine NeuroNieuws, developing networks with international neurology associations, stimulating research in nursing science and organising postgraduate training in collaboration with Flemish Universities.

The BVNV actively cooperates with the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses (EANN) and the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses (WFNN).

For more information visit BVNV

Belgian MS Society (Belgium)

The Belgian MS Leagues, National and Communities, are divided into three associations that work together to better meet the needs of people with MS throughout Belgium. Their actions are mainly focused on the psychosocial support of members, assistance with administration and material needs, the dissemination of practical and scientific information, the organisation of training and cultural events, the promotion of the interests of the government, the support of scientific research and fundraising. For all matters of a medical nature, the Leagues rely on the Medical Advisory Board consisting of six eminent neurologists, active in institutions within the three regions of the country.

For more information visit the Belgian MS Society

Czech MS Association (Czech Republic)

The basic mission of the association is to support people with MS. The aim of this support is to create the necessary conditions for a dignified, high-quality, full-fledged life of people with MS, and thus contribute to their desired integration into society. This activity is very demanding and extensive and requires active cooperation with all other domestic and foreign related entities. It must be continuous and continuous and cannot be limited in time.

For more information visit Czech MS Society

French League Against MS (France)

The French League against MS is a non-profit, private law 1901 association. The association is based on the values of solidarity, humanism, democracy and inclusion. It affirms and supports respect for the dignity and integrity of the human person who would not be reduced to his illness or handicap. 

The French League against MS aims to:

  • Support people affected by MS (patients, families, caregivers, etc.)
  • Raise awareness among the general public, health authorities and the media about the disease and what it involves on a daily basis

For more information visit French League Against MS

GMSS (Greece)

Greek Multiple Sclerosis Society (GMSS) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, since 1992. Although GMSS΄head office is located in Thessaloniki, there are local offices in Athens, Crete, Corfu, Trikala and Tripolis. The main mission is the improvement of the quality of daily life for pwMS, through their active community participation. Its members consists of pwMS, their families, health professionals, volunteers and friends. GMSS provides information, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, aerobics, pilates and speech therapy, in group and one-to-one settings, as well as, organises awareness events adressing its members and the public too. GMSS conducts scientific research, organises national and international scientific congresses for MS and is a full member of MSIF and EMSP.

For more information visit GMSS

POAMSKP (Greece)

The Panhellenic Federation of People with Multiple Sclerosis (POAMSKP), based at Elliniko in Athens, was founded in 2008, is a secondary body that includes 8 Primary Patients' Associations from all over Greece. It is administered exclusively by patients with Multiple Sclerosis - Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with the aim of informing and supporting the Primary Multiple Sclerosis Associations nationwide, informing the general public about the disease and the unequivocal their participation in the educational, productive, sports and cultural life of the country.

For more information visis POAMSKP

DMSG (Germany)

The German Multiple Sclerosis Society, Bundesverband e.V. - originally founded in 1952 as an association of medical professionals, today has a clearly defined task as a patient organization. It represents the interests of people suffering from MS and organizes their social-medical follow-up care.

The DMSG with the federal association, 16 regional associations, more than 250 full-time employees, over 4100 volunteers and currently around 900 local contact groups is a large and strong community of people with MS, their relatives and many committed volunteer helpers.

For more information visit DMSG

Magyar Neuroimmunologiai Tarsasag, MANIT (Hungary)

The Hungarian Neuroimmulogy Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the aim to provide educational and scientific support for healthcare professionals in the field of neuroimmunology (central and peripheral nervous system diseases, among them multiple sclerosis and related disorders, NMOSD, MOGAD, myasthenia gravis, autoimmune encephalitis, CIDP, etc.).

The organization is devoted to update Hungarian guidelines in the field of neuroimmunology, promote and share resources, which encourage exchange of knowledge, collaboration and networking within the different geographical areas and associated professions. In collaboration with the patients’ organizations, it supports patient education and improves the management of patients with neuroimmunological diseases. The Society is also devoted to promote research in the field of neuroimmunology and collaborate with foreign organizations, researchers and in international projects.

For more information visit MANIT

Health Service Executive (Ireland)

The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides all of Ireland's public health services, in hospitals and communities across the country.

For more information visit Health Service Executive

MS Ireland (Ireland)

MS Ireland is the only national organisation providing information, support and advocacy services to the MS community. MS Ireland works with people with MS, their families and carers, health professionals, students and others interested in or concerned about MS.

MS Ireland is chiefly a services-driven organisation, focused on providing timely, person-centred services that create independence and choice for the person with MS and their family.

For more information visit MS Ireland

AISM (Italy)

AISM, the Italian MS Society, is the reference point for the approximately 65,000 people with MS and their families. The Association firmly believes that people affected by the disease have the right to a good quality of life and full social integration. For this reason, the Association is active in the area with over 7,000 volunteers committed to disseminating correct information on the disease, raising public awareness, promoting and providing adequate social and health services where the public service does not arrive, promoting fundraising initiatives to support the scientific research.

For more information visit AISM

The MS Society of Malta (Malta)

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malta was founded in 1997 and provides a voluntary means to expand and enhance public awareness, individual and family services and rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It primarily offers subsidised physiotherapy to its members with Multiple Sclerosis and group psychotherapy for the whole family. It also seeks new knowledge, disseminates it and applies it for the benefit of persons with MS.

For more information visit MS Malta

MS Forbundet (Norway)

The MS Association is an interest organisation that will look after and promote the interests of people with MS. The MS Association is an organisation for everyone with MS, relatives, health professionals and other interested parties.

For more information visit MS Forbundet

PTSR (Poland)

The Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society (PTSR) is a non-governmental organisation associating people suffering from MS, their families and relatives from all over Poland. It was founded in 1990 and since May 2004 it has the status of a public benefit organisation. PTSR is a member of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) and the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF). The Society's mission is to improve the quality of life of people with MS and provide them with access to treatment and rehabilitation. PTSR organises media campaigns, events, and press conferences to raise public awareness of multiple sclerosis. Representatives of our organisation meet politicians, experts in the field of medicine and media representatives to influence the situation of people with MS in Poland. Above all, however, PTSR supports patients through information activities, psychological and legal support, and medical consultations.

For more information visit PTSR 

SPEM (Portugal)

The Portuguese Society of Multiple Sclerosis (SPEM), created in 1984, has the mission of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of patients with Multiple Sclerosis, family members and caregivers.

For more information visit SPEM

APAN (Romania)

The Association of Patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions (APAN Romania), represents and defends the rights of individuals with neurodegenerative conditions in Romania. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of patients affected by these conditions. Our projects and activities are designed to educate all stakeholders about the needs of patients with neurodegenerative conditions with the final goal of empowering patients to have a strong voice in establishing their own objectives and priorities.

For more information visit APAN

Cemcat (Spain)

The Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Catalonia (Cemcat) combines clinical care, clinical trials, and research as well as teaching and it has more than 4,500 patients registered on its database. Cemcat is located on the grounds of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital and is the functional integration and fusion of two teams of professionals dedicated to the care of people with MS. The medical aspect is provided by the Clinical Neuroimmunology Unit and the social component by the Neurorehabilitation Unit of Barcelona Day Hospital. These teams have extensive experience in teaching, research and assistance in the field of MS. Under the Directorship of Professor Xavier Montalban, the vision of Cemcat is to remain a pioneer in order to help achieve the highest quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis using a quality health care and a high level of research, both patient-centred.

For more information visit CEMCAT

SEDENE (Spain)

The Spanish Society of Neurological Nursing is a young association of nursing professionals whose purpose is the development of care and care for the neurological patient, her family and environment.

For more information visit SEDENE

MS Spain (Spain)

MS Spain is a non-profit organization that acts at the national level and encompasses entities of people with MS. Its primary purpose is to promote all kinds of actions and care, health and scientific activities aimed at improving the quality of life of people affected by MS, coordinating the actions of its federated members and managing the execution and financing of said programs and joint projects.

For more information visit MS Spain

MS Switzerland (Switzerland)

MS Switzerland is available to those affected, relatives, specialists, volunteers and interested parties for questions about the disease. Their mission is:

  • Promoting and securing the self-determination of people with MS
  • Promote and support MS research
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation

For more information visit MS Switzerland

MS Trust (UK)

The MS Trust is dedicated to making life better for people living with MS by providing free information to everyone affected by MS and by supporting the health professionals who work with MS.

For more information visit MS Trust

MS Society (UK)

The MS Society is a UK MS charity providing information and support, funding research and fighting for change.

For more information visit MS Society

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