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The impact of Covid-19 on MS Care

The impact of Covid-19 on MS Care


The 2021 EMSP Conference was centered around the theme of ‘MS Care in a Changing World’, illustrating the gaps and challenges encountered by Belgium, Poland, and Romania in providing care for people with MS in a world faced by a global pandemic.

Complementing other topics addressed within the conference, such as ‘Challenges of MS Nursing during the COVID-19 Pandemic’, three national experts highlighted gaps and challenges in adapting MS care across different countries across Europe. With solid examples coming from Romania, Belgium, and Poland one can say that challenges have been felt in all regions of Europe. Belgium faced difficulties in regard to diagnosis, where patients can encounter delays between the diagnosis and receiving care. On the other hand, people living with MS in Romania often face a very high economic burden as well gaps in access to healthcare. Poland encountered disparities among hospitals as well as delays in diagnosis.

Yet, the session emphasized our capabilities of developing new solutions in challenging times. For instance, healthcare professionals working in Belgium delivered video consultations, Poland introduced an e-prescription system and Romania delivered digital solutions in the form of webinars and psychotherapy.

Hence, while the pandemic has proved to be especially challenging, healthcare systems have adapted and provided new and innovative solutions in MS care.

If you would like to listen to the whole session, please refer to this link.


*This blog is a part of a 4-series blog post about the 2021 EMSP Annual Conference.

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