MS Nurse PRO is now available in Hungarian

MS Nurse PRO is now available in Hungarian


MS Nurse PRO is pleased to announce that we are growing our community. The platform is now also available in Hungarian, with the first two courses already online and more to come in the upcoming months!

Together with the design revamp of our platform, we have also added Hungarian to the list of available languages. This was possible with the help of MANIT, the Hungarian Neuroimmulogy Society [Magyar Neuroimmunológiai Társaság, MANIT] to which we send our gratitude.

To celebrate the launch of MS Nurse PRO in Hungarian, MANIT brought together, for the first time in Hungary, both the nurse and doctor communities for a 2-day event on June 10-11 in Budapest. Among the many current topics, the conference focused on treatment, specifically, the update of treatment guidelines and the development of the conditions for access to the right medicine and care. As well as rehabilitation or the role of the MS nurse in caring for patients. To see the whole programme please visit this web page.

The chair of the MS Nurse PRO, Piet Eelen, a Clinical Nurse Specialist Multiple Sclerosis working in the National Multiple Sclerosis Center (NMSC) of Melsbroek, Belgium since 1981 has hosted a presentation on ‘Communication challenges in the management of MS’. The presentation highlighted the fact that while MS is a disease with 100 faces, so are the different communication approaches that must be taken by healthcare professionals. Moreover, it is important that open communication is present at all stages of MS Care, from before and during diagnosis until after diagnosis and life with MS (relapse, progression, etc). Lastly, Piet shared some tips with the audience where he urged all nurses to focus on continuous education, help people living with MS to feel empowered, and to never refrain from using humour in their interactions. For those of you that would like to see the full presentation please refer to this link.

Communication with MS Care vital, hence we will be focusing on this topic in the near future as well. Keep your eyes peeled on MS Nurse PRO’s future activities!

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