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The need of social support for young people

The need of social support for young people


The need of social support for young people

An MS diagnosis can lead to a number of different uncertainties and stress. Yet, it has been found that social groups can aid in the adjustment to a new sense of self by providing social support and connectedness to others after a life-changing transition [1]. Moreover, it has also been found that the coping behavior of patients living with MS has been highly connected to the social support they received, especially support by family, friends, or other patients with MS [2].

For that matter, if you, as a specialised MS nurse, think that your patients are in need of connecting with other young patients with MS, tell them about EMSP’s Young People’s Network, a group of young people with MS from across Europe.

What is the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform?

The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) is a Pan-European umbrella organisation working together with 43 members organisations from 37 countries to ensure that the more than one million people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) in Europe, have a real voice in determining their own priorities. EMSP believes in the need of involving young people within all our activities as well as building a collective vision for the future.

MS Nurse PRO is a project owned by EMSP.

What is Young People's Network?

Young People’s network (YPN) members are essentially advocates of the MS movement, standing up for the inclusion of young people in the decision-making processes at national and European levels. EMSP organizes a number of different activities for and with the young people, such as an annual meet-up, webinars on topics of interest as well as opportunities for the young people to connect.

With the support of EMSP, the members of the YPN take part in the European patients’ movement by attending high-level meetings at the European Parliament, public health events, and developing strong campaigns by sharing their stories on social media.

Read about some of YPN’s latest activities:

Who can become a member of the YPN?

People between the ages of 18-35, willing to join the MS movement and dedicate a few hours a month advocating for change are welcome to join!

Interested participants are asked to fill in this form before 7 November 2022. Do not hesitate to share it with your patients!


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