Course 7: Research in MS Nursing Practice

Course 7 gives nurses a clear understanding of the value of research, why it is important in MS nursing and how it can be implemented in clinical practice to improve patient outcomes. Upon completion, nurses will have a good understanding of the basic components of MS research, along with a clear idea of the different roles and responsibilities available in nursing research. The course also explains the importance of using evidence from research in the clinical context. 

What you will Learn
Nurses will gain a clear understanding of the value of nursing research and why it is important in MS care. They will understand the basics of the research process and the different ways that nurses can become more involved in research projects. They will recognise the importance of research in terms of improving patient outcomes. 
Target Audience
This course has been developed by experts to meet the educational needs of nurses who have an interest in optimising the management of people with MS. 
Expert Working Group
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Amy Perrin-Ross (Co-Chair) 
Neuroscience nurse / Neuroscience Program coordinator 
Loyola University Medical Center  
Maywood, IL 
Wolfgang Kohler (Co-Chair)
University of Leipzig 
Piet Eelen 
Clinical Nurse Specialist 
National MS Centre 
Louise Jarrett 
MS Clinical Nurse Specialist 
Royal Devon Eastern Services 
Independent Nurse Prescriber 
Honorary Lecturer, Plymouth University 
Prof. Dr. phil Anne Rahn 
Section for Research and Teaching in Nursing 
Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology 
University of Lubeck
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Ann Van Remoortel 
MS Research Nurse 
National MS Centre 
Eirini Samdanidou 
Research Nurse 
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery 
London, UK 
Heidi Schilling
MS Nurse
Nurse from Anne Rahn video
The estimated time to complete this course is 5 hours.
Method of Participation
There are no fees for participating in this activity. Participants must:
1. Read the learning objectives
2. Participate in the entire educational activity
3. Complete the exam for the course, achieving a pass mark of 75% or more
4. Complete the feedback survey
A certificate of completion will be available to download upon successful completion of the course. 


Practical Information

Amy Perrin Ross
Time To Complete
300 minutes
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