Course 4: Treating MS (NEW)

Course 4 reviews the pharmacologic management of MS. It explores current disease modifying therapies (DMTs) and associated nursing issues. Symptom management is discussed with an emphasis on pharmacologic management.

What you will Learn
As new research and emerging therapies change the treatment paradigm for MS, the nursing role and its associated demands are also changing. Following completion of this course, nurses will gain a clear understanding of the treatment strategies available to help manage all aspects of MS.  They will understand the different aspects of relapse management, along with the role the MS nurse plays in helping people with MS manage their condition and associated symptoms. A detailed overview of the DMT options available for people with MS, including their differentiating factors and how they are utilised, will also be provided.
Target Audience
This course has been developed by experts to meet the educational needs of nurses who have an interest in optimising the management of people with MS. 
This course is available in all thirtheen languages of MS Nurse PRO. Important: English is the native language of this course and the other languages have been auto-generated using Microsoft Translator. 
All auto-generated languages are being language reviewed by native healthcare professionals. Once this review is completed, we'll list the language here. 
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Expert Working Group
The estimated time to complete this course is 10 hours.
Method of Participation
There are no fees for participating in this activity. Participants must:
1. Complete the pre-course survey
2. Read the learning objectives
3. Participate in the entire educational activity
4. Complete the exam for the course, achieving a pass mark of 75% or more
5. Complete the feedback survey
A certificate of completion will be available to download upon successful completion of the course. 
Foundation Programme on MS nursing
This course is part of the MS Nurse PRO Foundation Programme on MS nursing. 

Practical Information

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