MS Nurse PRO

Your gateway to become an accredited MS care professional.

MS Nurse PROfessional is a European-focused, e-learning training curriculum for nurses who work with people with multiple sclerosis. 

By joining MS Nurse PRO, you also become a member of a pan European MS nurse community.

​​​​​​​IMPORTANT: Certificates will be migrated in March 2021.

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Introducing our Courses

MS Nurse PRO provides six comprehensive, interactive courses. Each course focuses on a different aspect of MS and together they form the core, foundation programme. For each completed course, members get a badge that shows in their profile and a certificate of completion that can be downloaded. 

Course 1: Understanding MS

PROGRAMME: Foundation programme

It is important for MS Nurses to have an appreciation of the pathophysiology contributing to the development of MS. This course will provide the essential concepts and information required to answer patients’ questions about what causes their disease and how the disease will affect their future life.

Course 2: Clinical Presentation

PROGRAMME: Foundation programme

This course reviews the different types of MS and their clinical features, including atypical presentations of the condition. Common symptoms are discussed and defined, along with the prognosis of people with MS.

Course 3: Diagnosis and Assessment

PROGRAMME: Foundation programme

This course explains the diagnostic criteria for MS along with the associated diagnostic tools, their results and consequences in a manner that a nurse can easily understand and interpret, and then relay to a person who has MS.

Course 4: Treatment

PROGRAMME: Foundation programme

This course reviews the pharmacologic management of MS. It explores current disease modifying therapies (DMTs) and associated nursing issues. Symptom management is discussed with an emphasis on pharmacologic management.

Course 5: Care and Support

PROGRAMME: Foundation programme

This course examines the relationship of the person with MS and the nurse.

From the blog

In our blog, we share news and relevant information with our community. You can contribute an article by sending it to us via the ‘Contact Us’ form.


Expanding on our 2021 Spring Newsletter, we have gathered new information regarding the impact and recommendations of the COVID-19 vaccines for people with MS.


Winter is fast approaching, with days getting shorter, and temperatures dropping, which made us think – as the seasons change, does this impact upon a person’s MS? And if so, how?


MS is most commonly diagnosed in young women, at a time when many will still be considering starting or expanding their family. As more disease modifying treatments (DMTs) become available, what are the latest recommendations regarding their use during pregnancy?

a community for ms nurses

MS Nurse PRO is an active community of nurses that strive for harmonised minimal standards of care for people living with MS across Europe to empower those people and their carers.

The mission of MS Nurse PRO is to provide both at the European and the national level, online and offline educational content, sharing and networking opportunities for nurses and other health care professionals working with people with MS in Europe.

Joining the MS Nurse PRO community is free for health care practitioners active in clinical practice. The community is open for professionals from all nationalities that work directly or indirectly with or for people with MS.

By successfully completing the MS Nurse PRO Foundation, members gain a solid foundation in all areas of MS nursing care, and will be able to progress along the information/learning pathway that leads to the status of a recognised MS nurse.

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