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MS Nurse PROfessional is a European-focused, e-learning training curriculum for nurses who work with people living with multiple sclerosis. 

By joining MS Nurse PRO, you also become a member of a pan European MS nurse community​​​​​​​

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MS Nurse PRO provides seven comprehensive, interactive courses, each focusing on a different aspect of MS. The first five courses form the core, foundation programme. For each completed course, members are awarded a badge that is displayed in their profile and a certificate of completion that can be downloaded. MS Nurse PRO also offers an advanced programme, which currently includes a course focused on rehabilitation (course 6) and research (course 7).

Cours 1: Comprendre MS
Comprendre la sclérose en plaques
Cours 2 : Tableau clinique
Ce module passe en revue les différents types de SEP et leurs caractéristiques cliniques, notamment les manifestations atypiques de la maladie. Dans les lignes qui suivent, nous examinerons et définirons les symptômes courants de la SEP, ainsi que le
Cours 3 : Diagnostic et évaluation de la SEP
Le présent module présente ces critères et les outils diagnostiques correspondants, ainsi que leurs résultats et conséquences de manière à ce que le personnel infirmier spécialisé dans le traitement de la SEP puisse les comprendre et les interpr
Cours 4: Traiter la sclérose en plaques
Dans ce module, nous allons passer en revue la prise en charge pharmacologique de la sclérose en plaques (SEP). Nous allons également étudier les traitements de fond de la maladie (traitements de fond) ainsi que les questions qu’ils soulèvent du cô
Cours 5: Soins et soutien
Le personnel infirmier spécialisé dans le traitement de la SEP offre une présence réconfortante aux personnes qui vivent avec une SEP : il fournit des informations complètes étayées par des preuves, répond aux questions, clarifie (traduit) les mes
Course 6: Rehabilitation in MS
This course highlights the importance and relevance of rehabilitation for the quality of life of people living with MS.
Course 7: Research in MS Nursing Practice
This course provides nurses with a clear understanding of the value of research and why it is important in MS nursing.



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New course launched: Pregnancy and MS
New course launched: Pregnancy and MS

How misinformation affects family planning choices of women with Multiple Sclerosis; Pregnancy clinics and the role of the MS Specialist Nurse; transition of MS care from adolescents adult.

Calling for Nurse Researchers!
Calling for Nurse Researchers!

Attention MS-experienced nurses! Join our elite research team to transform MS care. Contribute to our Nurse Workload Survey and be a pioneer in shaping the future of nursing!

Reflecting on the Digital Skills Webinar
Reflecting on the Digital Skills Webinar

Summary on the webinar focused on digital skills to support neuroscience nurses involved in the management of people with MS.


a community for MS nurses

MS Nurse PRO is an active community of nurses that strive for harmonised minimal standards of care for people living with MS across Europe to empower those people and their carers.

The mission of MS Nurse PRO is to provide both at the European and the national level, online and offline educational content, sharing and networking opportunities for nurses and other health care professionals working with people with MS in Europe.

Joining the MS Nurse PRO community is free for health care practitioners active in clinical practice. The community is open for professionals from all nationalities that work directly or indirectly with or for people with MS.

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